Rogerio Miranda Dias started his career in São Paulo Brazil as a photographer's
assistant, where he worked with photographers including Manolo Moran
( ), Klaus Mitteldorf ( )
and Eduardo Brandão ( ).
He was soon promoted as the main in-house photographer at the advertising
agency DPZ in São Paulo ( ), a role that enabled him work with
clients of all sizes, as well as having the chance to contribute to the newspapers
Folha de São Paulo ( ) and Jornal da Tarde.
With the opening of his own studio, Rogerio launched his solo career in 1994.
Since then he has worked closely with many clients, a number of them
advertising agencies, and has received numerous awards. His work was also
featured in the book 200 Best Advertising Photographers and Archive Magazine.
Rogerio recently moved to London, to start a new cycle in his career and to
further broaden his experience.

1997 Leão de Ouro Cannes Ad Festival Agency DM9DDB “Valisere”
2000 Leão de Ouro Cannes Ad Festival Agency DM9DDB “Ministério da Saúde"
2001 Leão de Prata Cannes Ad Festival Agency DPZ “Sundown Sunblock”
2003 Leão de Bronze Cannes Ad Festival Agency Neogama BBH
2004 Leão de Bronze Cannes Ad Festival Agency DM9DDB “Ministério da
2010 Leão de Ouro Cannes Ad Festival Agency Dentsu “Chocolat du jour”

1993 - Exposição coletiva “Certa Fotografia” Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro
1993 - Prêmio Novissímos de Fotografia, realizado pela Kodak/Fotoptica Brasil,
Galeria Fotóptica
1997 - Exposição Coletiva “Forma Perversa”, galeria Luiza Strina com curadoria
de Felipe Chaimovich, curador do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo.
1998 - Exposição coletiva “Fora de Registro"no Museu da FAAP em São Paulo,
com curadoria de Eduardo Brandão.

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